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Wreaths, Roping & More

We harvest our own greens, depending on availability we make our 'signature blend' of balsam, white pine and mountain laurel. Also popular and made to order: boxwood/ balsam, arborvitae/balsam, spruce.

  • Handmade wreaths

  • Handmade Roping by the yard

  • Mailbox Swags

  • Mantle Swags

  • Cemetery Boxes - handcrafted from white birch log 


Gift Shop

Handmade, Fair Trade, or Locally- sourced gifts!

We are a proud distributer of "Wild Woolies" fair trade products, adorable wool-felted fair trade ornaments and more.

A large selection of Christmas ornaments, stocking stuffers and Christmas décor! 

Handmade quilts, wall hangings and more!

Farm Fresh Decorative Greens
(pre-ordering available, visit us during tagging or call 978-597-6891)

Our greens are created with a blend of freshly harvested white pine, balsam & laurel. Other greens based on availability (boxwood, spruce, holly & balsam blend)


Decorated with your choice of 4 piks or berries, cones & bow!
Note: Non decorated are $5 less

12 inch               ~                  $40

18 inch              ~                  $50

24 inch              ~                 $60

36 inch              ~                 $80

42 inch              ~                 $155

50 inch              ~                 $165

Roping (garland)

Per Yard (note: 1 yard = 3 feet, a standard doorway is 6 yards)        ~             $10

More Beautiful Things:

Large Swag          ~                 $50

Mailbox Swag      ~                $35

Kissing Ball          ~                $35

Cemetery Boxes  ~                $45

Mini Tree             ~                 $45

wreath example.jpg
cemetary box.jpg
wreath decor.png

Just Some of our Decoration Options:

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